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5 Things to Think about when choosing your Celebrant!

5 Things to consider when choosing your celebrant…

  1. First things first - are they available? And if not - do you want to change the date or the celebrant?

  2. Are you compatible with them? My advice is to call a few different celebrants. You will get a feel straight away - even if it's from their voicemail. Once you find a one that sounds like a match - see if they meet for coffee before locking in the booking. Perfect way to find out if they suit you and your SO.

  3. Ok - your feeling good about your celebrant… Now its time to find out, do they have experience? And if not do you mind… People say - weddings! Oh they put the price up. There is a reason for that, EXPERIENCE. There is a lot of things that only pop up for weddings and only weddings. Guests need their feet spraying with aero guard - YES I have done that for 100 guests plus bridal party. Maid of Honor fainted during the ceremony - YES I have dealt with that before. WebEx not working - YES you can use my phone to face time grandma in QLD. Just depends if you want someone that can think on their feet or not.

  4. Do they include a rehearsal, a PA or a signing table. Just check - what's included in the cost.

  5. MOST of all - Do you feel good about them being a part of your wedding? That needs to be a BIG YES.

Want to know if I would suit as your celebrant?... Get in Touch 💙 Ph 0400611818 Email or website

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