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5 Ways to make your Wedding Day EPIC

  1. Make your out of town guests feel welcome with a welcome bag on arrival. Ideas you could include in their welcome bundle: Brochures of what they can do whilst in town, a small note thanking them for coming or directions from where they are staying to the wedding venue

  2. Have a phone charging station. Your guests will love it and you might need it too. Its an easy and budget friendly way of helping ensure everyone has a great night!

  3. Have a wedding rehearsal! It is so important - please do not miss this plus its fun. It makes the actual wedding part feel real. At the rehearsal make sure to (if you can) - bring your team, music person included. Arrive on time and allow plenty of time to do so you do not feel rushed.

  4. Have a signature cocktail. Give your guests one or two signature cocktails to choose from, along with the usual suspects (if having a bar tab) i.e beer, wine and champagne. It will give a personal feel which your guests will love.

  5. Anything you haven’t done by the day - FORGET IT! No one else will know that it did not get done so just let it go and enjoy your day.

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