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The ABC of knowing your wedding style

The ABC of knowing your wedding style

The moment you said ‘YES!’, you either: (a) breakdown into tears, (b) feel like the queen of the world, or (c) your mind goes into overdrive of what the next 12 (or 2 or 6!) months will look like planning for THE day. Did you see yourself in any of these scenarios? I know, I did! This is the day you and your partner are going to tie the knot, everything has to be on point. Read on to know which style is perfect for you. First things first, is knowing your wedding style a need or a want? Yes and yes! This is going to be the foundation of your whole event. It will be the looking glass for which inspirations you like, making the process of making decisions so much easier.

Things You Own: Look into your belongings. What do you see?

  1. Designer bags, nearly everything still looks new, silk pillowcases

  2. Books, mismatched workstation, go-to black canvas sneakers

  3. Plants, multi-purpose recyclables, acrylic paints, dreamcatcher

I see it, I want it! What inspires you?

  1. Full-skirted or sexy long gowns, chandelier, rhinestones, gold touches

  2. Lace, heirloom gowns/veils, typewriter, postcards, delicate pastels

  3. Layered jewellery, flowy gowns, feathers, loosely arranged wildflowers

Narrow down your choices.

  1. Black tie and ballroom.

  2. Nostalgic and ageless.

  3. Free-spirited and down to earth.

At this point, you might have a clear winner already. If your answers were mostly A’s say hello to the glitz and glam of a big fat #GlamorousWedding. B’s are undeniably #VintageStyle, your heart goes to the beautiful antique chinas you loved playing with as a child. And if you went straight to Cs after reading dreamcatcher, you’re in for a pocketful of sunshine and show-stopping casual fashion where less is more and there’s no such thing as that’s too much! finally, meet! Or are you stuck with 2 great definitions? Why not infuse them together, getting just the right elements from the two, and still end up with a stunning event?! Whatever you and your SO choose, remember that this is going to be a memory that will forever be etched in your hearts. So have fun and live your dream wedding by booking a call with us TODAY! We can get you matched up with the perfect venue to suit your style.

If you want to look at top trends for this season, watch this video below from South Africa's Top Wedding Planners. There are some really interesting ideas here!


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